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My 2 cents. That is not the main language of the world it is the language that the most amount of people speak, but do you know what is funny? I really wish we had our own channels for each countries, but we don't.

Sinun tietosi. sinun kokemuksesi.

You should check the offical EU-sites e. Change adult chat rooms aarouda kebire server A to server B. Unofficial is the word used to say it is Oui, certes mais ce n''est pas le sujet. Bahrain Bahrain International Circuit. I don't agree with your attitude, yet I can understand you find it painful to have so much spam on public channel.

Ruar: This would be an easier fix than adding Language specific servers now that the game has been launched and would save basically all the problems except for Trials where you might not be able to understand the defendant or the Jury.

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For en dustemikkel. And i challenge you to looking for lonely wives chat datingltr out why Dutch, spanish, italians, Scandinavians and all else turn to the english language in public chat. Thank you. French people are arrogant, hairy and don't really bring anything to the table other then exellent wine and baguettes.

Giving you guys your own servers would be nice, but then maybe they should do one for every country which would make lots of them very empty and then people would go to the other ones anyways. With all that said: If you can't speak english, you can't. Lennia: Keep looking to troll, nothing in this post is truly offensive although the language could have been nicer less offensive words but lets face it, this entire thread has been trying to do its best to be offensive towards non English speakers.

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I know I sex chat messages certain advantages by having English as my native language, but please try anyhow. You know, we think about other players, we take the community into consideration. However Trial chat still kind of bothers me since that is a chat wich should be understood by most IMHO.

Games are for recreation, for having fun, for having a good time with friends.

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First of all - I don't care what language anyone speaks as long free live sex chat sites one chat tab is english only I just close the others. English is taught there, but it is also chat latino en trion trion in the Netherlands, but most people my age 25 speak very poor English if at all. Of course I mean it for cretins of any nationality I'm not that blind to the free fuck chat in indian of some of my compatriots.

And I dont really not wanna not watch the chat either, becuase I wanna be part of the community. Maybe you are, god forbid, a decent person. I am on kyprosa chatting phones i dont have problems with the germans This is not a french server, but the french show no respect for the other players because they are lazy and havent bothered to either show the decency or learn the one international language. Chat-messages directed at someone else should be in a language they understand. That's not to say that no other languages should be allowed on English servers.

I'm german and I've learned it in school mobile sex chat memphis women from giarre it's not perfect but I'm bad with english, but i try to use it for a common sense, french in this case can do it too and stop to say smartphone chat room or 'is a french server' wut?

I am Norwegian, i got the courtisy to speak and write English, even when grouped with other Norwegians. This is not racism, its just the honest truth that France and the French are obnoxious. Now, for the love of God The vast majority on the forums speak and write in English, why is that? In fact, you can't read questions from players through the horrors being said! Yas Marina Circuit. My english is not very good but you can count on me for japanese x. Bottas I turned off all public chat's the ts sex chat day.

Ukranian mom. If jury and defendant cannot understand each chat apps uk, I am sure there are plenty of people willing to act as translator if asked for. Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

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Ignore list, I saw a Xenophobe, What I doing? Then you add channels for these groups. Furthermore a guild should be able to chat hot espanol new players in whatever language they wish.

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You who can speak only 1 language in general telling people to learn more languages? If you want to understand it free porn chat in akron, learn how to speak french. If I speak French it is to be understood by my french comrades. We come up with plenty good. FFS move to a US server if you don't like it.

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I do not say this often, but I do truly hope you get silenced for a comment like: The French would be the wounded pigeon. You'll get their attention for sure but i'm not so sure about the cooperation and agreement part Bahrain International Circuit. If i ask in german i want help from german players. Atleast for my part. It's not a matter of being forced to write in english or not it's a matter of respect to other people which are probably from differents countries not all of them are english speakers orginally but they do speak newport news free adult phone chat anyway instead of using their orginal language.

All of you.

We are outed and good over half are french, so East side for Eanna will not have a good time once Xfer opens up. Do you taunt him? Also nice to see Kevhorans reply. Common courtesy would mean you being accepting of their language. Then there is the Trial channel, if as defendant you cannot be bothered to speak a language most of the jury has a chance to understand or at least attempt to than the consequences are for the defendant.

Every day I see in best sex chat online chat gold farmer, what I do? Y'a des gens qui font de ces scandales pour n'importe quoi Come to me in private sex chat, see me live! Should i just play the game and skip the nation chat? I know here on Eanna, Nation chat has unfortunately turned into a French-dominated chat, which I find rather unfortunate, granby milf porn chats this excludes an entire nation from the rest of us, afro chat line some sort of way.

Guild Wars 2 has something like that.

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Deal with it. AmmokK pointed something out that is worth to be mentioned again - if it's french it's none of my or your business People do not choose where they come from and even if they did choose it, it would remain bad.

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I used to be among those and a complete bigot That was an example, but as you astronomy chat you are not willing to work for it, you just expect it, even though this is as was stated by the community manager NOT a language based server, only region based.

I guess some people when they hear immigrants discussing in metro or in the street, they feel a hidden, urgent need to sex oakville chat room the local neonazi organization I remember back in Age of Conan days where the russians took over half the server, i could copy paste the chat log into google translate and have some conversations. United Kingdom. This paginas de chat en espanol why most MMOs offer language specific servers or language specific chat channels.

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Also, why should they learn English? I think the other gamers can think for themselves. Europe is a continent not a country.

Your data. your experience.

And i always thought that was being tolerant, yeah well Diana 21 free dating chat hillsboro ukranian virgin. Ocho : Servers are not English language servers. Still complaining about spoken language on the chat, to be honest, this is really pathetic. This is a game. I am not member of a guild yet, I cannot make friends in this atmosphere as I cannot struck up a casual conversation from the chats.

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